Our Mission - Over The Spoon

Our Mission

To render dairy redundant and prove ourselves as the credible, dessert of choice in the hearts, minds and cravings of the people.

We want to tear down the barriers and remove the baggage of a free-from label by giving people a better choice with our truly delicious, dairy-freed, plant based desserts – no matter their lifestyle.

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Better For You And The Planet

The dairy industry contributes 3.4% of the global annual greenhouse gas emissions, that is close to the contribution from aviation and shipping combined! Enjoying a dairy free dessert is the sweetest way to make a change for our planet. Our pots and sleeves are recyclable because we believe that you, Daisy, and the planet deserve better. Making a sustainable choice shouldn’t feel like a compromise and a simple pleasure shouldn’t have to cost the earth (or your conscience). We all deserve better choices. No distractions. No compromises.

Our ambition to level the playing field between plant-based and dairy means we are constantly innovating to create our everyday simple pleasures, which just happen to be dairy-free. Our delicious treats make the switch to dairy free and a plant-based lifestyle really easy.

We do one thing and we do it extremely well – dairy-free desserts, all made in our dedicated facility in Ossett, West Yorkshire. We were one of the first, progressing the dairy-free agenda before others joined the cause. It’s a path we forged, not a bandwagon we jumped on. ‘It’s only pudding’ doesn’t cut it with us. We put the passion into dairy-free because we know what it means for the planet and your health.

We have put our collective years of knowledge, expertise and skills into perfecting every single product because we know what dessert means to our consumers.

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Meet Daisy

What would Daisy do if she wasn’t being milked all day?

Freed from the daily churn, she’s able to tick off her bucket list. Labels don’t keep her from what she wants to do so why should they stop you? Vegan, veggie, flexi – whoever! Our delicious dairy free-d treats are for all to enjoy!

Daisy is on a mission to live her best life and do all the things she’s dreamed of doing. She’s a go-getter, a game-changer, the voice of the herd and the dairy-free moovement.

Why would you squeeze a cow to make a tasty dessert?